Sputtered Deposition

VDI has sputtering capabilities from web widths of 80 inches to .5” (12mm), and thicknesses of 1mm to 36GA (9 micron). Substrates include PET, Nylon, other web polymers, fabrics, foils, and flexible glass.

VDI sputters a variety of metals, alloys, dielectrics, transparent conducting oxides and ITO, or tin-doped indium-oxide. Metals include silver, copper, chrome, titanium and others. Alloys include nichrome, inconnel, and stainless steel. Dielectric materials include silicon dioxide (SiO2), titanium oxide (TiO2) and titanium nitride (TiN). Transparent conductive oxides include indium tin oxide (ITO) and aluminum zinc oxide (AZO).

Sputtering is a process where a target is electrically charged and bombarded with a process gas such as argon. This generates a plasma, which deposits the target material onto the surface of the substrate. Metals can be sputtered, and in some cases, reactive sputtering can be achieved with materials that produce various oxides. Sputtering produces high quality films with exceptionally precise uniformity and functionality.

VDI’s capabilities enable it to provide tight tolerances and uniformity of metal deposition, cross web, down-web, and roll-to-roll. In addition, our plasma treatment ensures improved metal adhesion in films.