Electron-Beam Deposition Services

VDI has electron-beam deposition capabilities from web widths of up to 80 inches, and thicknesses of 10 mil to 36GA (9 micron). Substrates include PET, Nylon, other web polymers, fabrics, and foils.

VDI can use electron-beam deposition to coat a variety of metals, alloys, and dielectrics. Metals include silver, copper, tin, titanium and others. Alloys include inconnel, and stainless steel. Dielectric materials include silicon dioxide (SiO2) and titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Electron-beam deposition is similar to evaporative deposition with the exception of how the material is heated. In electron-beam deposition a beam of electrons is produced from a tungsten filament that is charged with electricity, this beam of electrons is shaped or directed by powerful electromagnets. The electron-beam heats the material and like the evaporation, the source material deposits on the substrate.

VDI’s capabilities enable it to provide tight tolerances and uniformity of metal deposition, cross web, down-web, and roll-to-roll. In addition, our plasma treatment ensures improved metal adhesion in films.