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We meet or exceed rigorous requirements with aggressive timeframes in the roll-to-roll vacuum coating solutions business.

VDI serves diverse industrial businesses like medical, electronics, and communications and has become a nimble and reliable manufacturing partner for contract projects such as security coating, touch panels, specialty receptors and EMR shielding.

VDI offers customized slitting and rewinding both pre- and post-metallization. Our slitting machines can handle up to 80-inch-wide master rolls and we can cut to a minimum cut width of 4 inches.

Slitting involves cutting down a coil of material into smaller, narrower coils. It’s a highly productive process that can manage a wide variety of materials. Rewind slitting is a process where materials are brought through an array of knives – forming narrower rolls of materials.

VDI has been creating custom solutions for almost 50 years. We have vast experience successfully managing the most intricate challenges customers bring us each day. Our strength is the flexibility we’ve built within our Louisville, Kentucky plant, including:

  • Sputter deposition – .5” – 80” width sputtering capability, with the use of multiple sputtering machines
  • Evaporative deposition – substrates include PET, nylon and other web polymers, fabrics and foils
  • E-beam deposition capabilities to coat a variety of metals, alloys and dielectrics.
  • Full Service Development Partner
  • Manufacturing Flexibility – nimble organization that is able to move quickly
  • Pilot line for development and scale up opportunities

VDI’s capabilities enable it to provide tight tolerances and uniformity of metal deposition, cross web, down-web, and roll-to-roll. In addition, our plasma treatment ensures improved adhesion in metallized films.

VDI is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

If you are looking for a supplier that can be flexible enough to handle different substrates, coating materials, and process techniques at the right cost and lead time then contact VDI today.

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