Evaporative Deposition

VDI offers Evaporation / Vapor and web widths of 80 inches and thicknesses of 10 mil to 36GA (9 micron). Substrates include PET, Nylon, other web polymers, fabrics, and foils.

Aluminum vapor deposition capabilities range from 100 to 4,000 Angstroms, from 0.15 to 4.0 optical density, 70% visible light transmission to opaque, and resistance to meet varied needs.

In evaporative deposition, a source material is heated with a resistant source and since the chamber is under high vacuum, the material evaporates, traveling in all directions and lands on the substrate that is moving over it.

VDI’s capabilities enable it to provide tight tolerances and uniformity of metal deposition, cross web, down-web, and roll-to-roll. In addition, our plasma treatment ensures improved metal adhesion in films.